The Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator team offers one-on-one counseling for businesses interested in government contracting, including how to identify and target appropriate local, state and federal agencies. Through these sessions, businesses will learn more about the services provided by our organization, determine if government contracting is appropriate and develop a company-specific marketing strategy.

The Monterey APEX Accelerator hosts in-person and virtual training events and workshops on an ongoing basis to help businesses understand a variety of government related contracting topics. In addition, we will forward information on events that we feel could benefit your business.

By communicating government registration processes, the Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator helps businesses begin working with government entities more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator counselors will identify and determine if your business is eligible for set-aside programs, and then assist with the required certification if applicable.

Through a comprehensive bid-matching program, the Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator will match your company’s products or services with government entities interested or planning to buy. The Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator Bid Match database consists of bid opportunities from city, county, state, and federal governments across the United States. To populate this exclusive database, our service monitors hundreds of procurement websites daily and forwards opportunities directly to your email inbox.

Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator counselors will help businesses understand contract solicitation and proposal requirements. While the Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator counselors cannot draft a business’ proposal, our team will offer recommendations and review the proposal throughout the entire process.

We can provide counseling after an award has been made. This includes discussing options available to you such as debriefings, protests, possible subcontracting strategies, and conflict resolution.