Prelude to Registrations and Certifications Webinar

Selling your products or services to the government often requires registering your company in different ways with your potential government customer.  As an example, registering to sell directly to the federal government is different than selling to the state or to your local county.  In some cases, due to the nature of your business, you may not even have to register your business.  The government can set aside contracts for specific socioeconomic groups, such as small businesses, women, veterans, minorities, etc.  Getting certified as a member of one of these socioeconomic groups can reduce the number of firms that you would compete with for a specific contracting opportunity.  However, winning a contract is based more upon the quality of your products or services, and your experience than upon a certification you may possess.  With this in mind, we can counsel you on whether becoming certified makes sense for your business and how to best leverage your certification.  Please join us by registering for our upcoming July 6th webinar at: to learn more.   Also remember, that you can reach out to our team at any time for a one-on-one consultation to better understand the topic.

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